Dispose of your butts

| April 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

I have no problem with people smoking. If you want to smoke that is your thing. I mean you’re an adult. If you believe a little pleasure today is worth fewer years of life, some of which will probably include intense pain, who am I to tell you differently?

I’m even one of those people who think it should be up to the establishment whether or not smoking is permitted. I don’t need to frequent a restaurant where smoke interferes with the food. Conversely, choking on smoke while playing craps seems right, as does a couple of feet of smoke near the ceiling while sipping a good whiskey and listening to The Blues.

So what rule am I addressing here? The rule: If you must smoke, properly dispose of your butts.

It seems to be an accepted behavior to add a still burning butt to the litter along the curb or highway, at least by the people who believe in slowly killing themselves.

Why do they think this is okay? When indoors is it okay to throw butts onto the floor or still burning into a garbage bin? No, it’s not even okay to leave them burning in an ashtray. So why, when out in public is it okay to throw burning tobacco leaves on to the oil soaked street or into the dried weeds along the side of the road?

This practice leads to the increase of the piles of litter on the streets and in some  circumstances to fire.

So when smoking, here are the correct disposal methods.

1)    Always extinguish the cigar, cigarette, or whatever you are smoking, before getting rid of it.

2)    If it has a filter, the extinguished butt must be placed in some form of trash receptacle.

3)    If a filter is not involved, I “suggest” that you still put the extinguished butt into the trash, but if there is not one near you, bury it (preferred) or crush it into dust and let it blow away on the wind.

Now let’s talk about smokeless tobacco. Chewing tobacco results in some very nasty leftovers. These leftovers must also be disposed of properly. The rule here is keep them out of sight of everyone but yourself. Spit them into a paper cup that you can later throw away, not onto the street, a lawn, or your shirt (unlikely, you’d have to be wearing one and that goes against thestereotype), shoes, or pants.

And while I’m talking about tobacco products, stop blaming other people or industries for your habits. You had to have started smoking, chewing, whatever (again) of your own choice so you can also stop on your own. Don’t tell me you’re too weak to stop. Physical addiction can be beat. Of course if you are some sub-human form (I’m starting to seriously believe that all humans aren’t) that can’t control your own impulses, maybe it’s a good idea that you extinct yourself.

Now one last thing, isn’t there a cleaner way to get your nicotine? I know there is gum, electronic cigarettes, and patches. Or why can’t you just bake it into brownie bites, maybe then we could all enjoy it.

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Category: Rules for Public Conduct

Phil Jackson

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Philip "Phil" Jackson has determined that the biggest problem in the world is stupidity. "Most people don't seem to have basic Common Sense, but if they have a list of rules to follow, I have found that they will do so willingly." So after years of experience living he has decided to help out the ignorant by compiling the missing life rules into an easy to read and understandable format.

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