Driving Definitions

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Lane numbering begins at the left most lane and increments by one for each lane to the right. Therefore the three northbound lanes on a highway are:
The leftmost lane, the passing or fast lane, is the number one lane.
The middle or driving lane, is the number two lane.
And the rightmost lane, the merging lane is the number three lane.
The four southbound lanes on the same freeway would be numbered, starting with the leftmost – the center lane – and changing one lane to the right with each number, are 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Right-of-way is granted the driver who currently has the right to safely move into an empty area. Most often this is granted to a driver as he/she progresses forward, in a single lane, driving down the road. This particular granting of right-of-way is assumed and typically understood by everyone (after all, we’ve been using it since we’ve been moving on our own). Issues with right-of-way arise when more than one driver wishes to move into the same space. In most cases, common sense, driving rules, or signs and signals, will stop multiple drivers from attempting to enter the same space at the same time. The rules, signs, and signals are provided to both explain who should have the right of way or to actually assign right of way to a driver. But common sense must sometimes be used to assign right-of-way and at other times to decide if it is safe to actually use the right-of-way assigned to you. Additionally, even if you clearly have right-of-way in a given circumstance, but another driver ignores it (takes your right-of-way), then right-of-way immediately shifts to the other driver. Sorry, but safety must alway come first. Even when it pisses you off. You can not force your right-of-way.

The rule: Don’t attempt to keep right-of-way when it has been taken from you.

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Phil Jackson

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Philip "Phil" Jackson has determined that the biggest problem in the world is stupidity. "Most people don't seem to have basic Common Sense, but if they have a list of rules to follow, I have found that they will do so willingly." So after years of experience living he has decided to help out the ignorant by compiling the missing life rules into an easy to read and understandable format.

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